Join A Club

Do you need help with your gardening projects?

Would you like to learn the latest in floral design?

Come join a garden club and learn the answers to these questions and more!

Most of the work of Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs is accomplished through the 176 clubs with over 4400 members, each carrying out many projects all over the state of Virginia.  

Examples of the scope of some of the projects of these many clubs are:

  • Landscape projects for neighborhoods, churches, buildings, schools, memorial gardens and Habitat for Humanity homes
  • Garden therapy for emotionally and physically handicapped youth and adults
  • Gardening education for youth
  • Conservation and recycling projects
  • Legislation
  • Endangered species


  • Educational programs on horticulture, landscape design and artistic floral design
  • Meeting and making friends with people who share your interests
  • Seminars covering many topics of today’s environmental interests and concerns
  • Opportunity to become informed and involved with conservation and the protection of our country’s natural resources
  • Workshops provide the opportunity to train and develop practical skills in many fields, such as leadership, gardening, floral design and landscaping
  • Support and information from the National Garden Clubs, Inc., the largest organized group of gardeners in the world


  • Publishes the Old Dominion Gardener magazine four times a year and mails to every member of VFGC
  • Sponsors Flower Show School and Landscape Design School for the education of members and the training of Flower Show Judges and Landscape Design Critics
  • Publishes the VFGC Yearbook, which is a source of speakers and judges for the club; lists VFGC Chairmen who can be a club resource
  • Sponsors monetary awards annually for club project work
  • Participates in “FINE ARTS AND FLOWERS” at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, which provides to VFGC members the opportunity to be a floral designer at the event
  • Eligibility for member clubs for the IRS 501(c)(3) designation of tax-exempt status in the VFGC Group Exemption 
  • Mutual support of other state organizations

To join a garden club or form a new club in the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc, contact:

Information on how to write or revise Bylaws, Standing Rules and Articles of Association – WORD or PDF