The Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs provides many educational opportunities for the youth of Virginia at the pre-school, elementary, middle and high school level.  The purpose of the youth gardening programs is to introduce gardening, conservation, protection of wildlife, recognition of plants, trees and shrubs, basic flower arrangements, and a love a appreciation of nature. The goal is that they will be future citizens who will be responsible and capable with greater self-expression, dignity, integrity and knowledge of their environment.

  1. Youth Project Grants are awarded annually to VFGC clubs and community organizations for new or existing youth-centered programs.

  2. Scholarships are offered annually to college students studying horticulture related fields.

  3. Youth Contests are co-sponsored by various organizations whose emphasis ranges from gardening to conservation.

  4. Youth Garden Clubs are sponsored by a VFGC Garden Club.

  5. Youth Gardening Programs by VFGC clubs can be affiliated with a school, church, neighborhood, or an established Scout group. 


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